Plealog's Generic Swing Application Framework (jGAF) is a free and open source library designed to facilitate the creation of cross-platorm graphical applications for the Oracle Java Platform. The idea of that library comes from the needs to have easy-to-use high-level components to create full-featured, multi-OS and cross-platform Java applications. Of course, Java Swing provides all the foundations to create graphical softwares. However, the writing of a complete UI-based software requires large amount of code to setup frames, dialogue boxes, menus, persistent preferences, OS integration, etc.

Using jGAF, you can easily and quickly creates cross-platform UI-based Java-Swing applications. The library comes with lots of features to save you time and concentrate your effort on the business logic of your software.

jGAF is provided with a free-to-use license for free and commercial softwares (Apache v2 license).