Java Generic Application API - 2.1.1
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postStart() - Method in interface com.plealog.genericapp.api.EZUIStarterListener
This method is called when the application frame is about to be displayed.
PreferenceComponent - Interface in com.plealog.prefs4j.ui
Defines a UIComponent for PreferenceModel data model.
PreferenceEditor - Interface in com.plealog.prefs4j.ui
This interfaces defines a Preference Editor.
PreferenceEditor.PROPERTY - Enum in com.plealog.prefs4j.ui
UI properties associated to a Preference Section.
PreferenceEditor.TYPE - Enum in com.plealog.prefs4j.ui
Default Editor types available in the Framework.
PreferenceEditorFactory - Class in com.plealog.prefs4j.ui
This class is a PreferenceEditor factory.
PreferenceException - Exception in com.plealog.prefs4j.api
This is the main type of exception thrown by the Preference framework.
PreferenceException(String) - Constructor for exception com.plealog.prefs4j.api.PreferenceException
PreferenceModel - Interface in com.plealog.prefs4j.api
This interface defines the Preference data model.
PreferenceModelFactory - Class in com.plealog.prefs4j.api
This class can be used to create concrete PreferenceModel instances.
PreferenceSection - Interface in com.plealog.prefs4j.api
This interface defines a preference section.
PreferenceUIFactory - Class in com.plealog.prefs4j.ui
This factory defines method to instantiates PreferenceModel viewer.
preStart() - Method in interface com.plealog.genericapp.api.EZUIStarterListener
This method is called at the very beginning of application startup procedure.
previous() - Method in class com.plealog.wizard.model.WizardModel
Get the previous step data model.
previousChanged(boolean) - Method in interface com.plealog.wizard.ui.WizardListener
Method called when previous status has changed.
previousChanged(boolean) - Method in class com.plealog.wizard.ui.WizardListenerAdapter
previousStep() - Method in class com.plealog.wizard.model.WizardModel
Progress to previous step.
PropertiesDataConnector - Interface in com.plealog.prefs4j.api
Defines a data connector capable of serializing standard Java Properties objects.
propertyChange(PropertyChangeEvent) - Method in class
Implementation of java.beans.PropertyChangeListener interface.
Protector - Interface in
Protector of the library.
publish(LogRecord) - Method in class com.plealog.genericapp.api.log.EZUIHandler
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Java Generic Application API - 2.1.1

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