Java Generic Application API - 2.1.1
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accept(File) - Method in class com.plealog.genericapp.api.file.EZFileFilter
Returns true if this file should be shown in the directory panel, false if it should not be shown.
accept(File, String) - Method in class com.plealog.genericapp.api.file.EZFileFilter
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class
Implementation of AbstractAction method.
addActionMenuListener(PropertyChangeListener) - Method in class
addExtension(String) - Method in class com.plealog.genericapp.api.file.EZFileFilter
Adds a file extension to this filter.
addListener(WizardListener) - Method in class com.plealog.wizard.model.WizardModel
Add a listener.
addListener(WizardListener) - Method in class com.plealog.wizard.model.WizardStepModel
Add a listener to the model.
addPreferenceModelListener(PreferenceModelListener) - Method in interface com.plealog.prefs4j.api.PreferenceModel
Adds a listener to this model.
addResourceLocator(Class<?>) - Static method in class com.plealog.genericapp.api.EZEnvironment
Add a class used to enable JRE to locate resources such as images.
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Java Generic Application API - 2.1.1

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