Java Generic Application API - 2.1.1
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newInstance() - Method in interface com.plealog.prefs4j.api.DataConnector
Creates a new instance from this editor.
newInstance(PreferenceSection, HashSet<PreferenceEditor.PROPERTY>) - Method in interface com.plealog.prefs4j.ui.PreferenceEditor
Creates a new instance of an editor.
next() - Method in class com.plealog.wizard.model.WizardModel
Get the next step data model.
next() - Method in class com.plealog.wizard.model.WizardStepModel
Return the next step.
nextableChanged(boolean) - Method in interface com.plealog.wizard.ui.WizardListener
Method called when next status has changed.
nextableChanged(boolean) - Method in class com.plealog.wizard.ui.WizardListenerAdapter
nextStep() - Method in class com.plealog.wizard.model.WizardModel
Progress to next step.
A C D E F G H I L M N O P R S T U V W 
Java Generic Application API - 2.1.1

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